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Sloping & Uneven Floors? We Have a Solution My Foundation

Sloping floors can be the result of foundation settlement or sinking. My Foundation house leveling for sloping floors; Wall Cracks; Floor For sloping floors it may be recommended that you have steel push piers installed. Push piers can be 【Get Price】

Insulating a Floor This Old House

I have an old cottage-style home on short piers. Another way to do it, if there's a ceiling below your floor, is to have insulation blown in to fill the gap. So, the better the insulation, the colder your refrigerator can stay, and the warmer your 【Get Price】

Flooring type for Pier and Beam Kitchen - Tom Tynan

She wants to know what kind of flooring would be best, because it's a 30-year-old, pier-and-beam house. They have linoleum now, but she's wondering what 【Get Price】

Is replacing my piers and adding additional support instead of

The entire house is on piers but the back half of the house is in bad in the levelness of the interior floors) and install 26 piers with concrete 【Get Price】

Tile On Pier And Beam? - Flooring - Contractor Talk

My house is a pier and beam set up, the floors now have carpet and the wife #3 that depends mostly on your wifes choices, but a good tile 【Get Price】

What Are the Insulation Options for a Pier and Beam Foundation

Pier and beam foundation homes in wetter climates may opt for this choice because foam These stiff boards are placed close together on top of the floor joists 【Get Price】

Flooring for old pier and beam house - Houzz

Sep 27, 2015 I am redoing an old pier and beam house. I would like to use large ceramic tile thru out the house. My concern is that the larger tile may not lay 【Get Price】

Is the Flooring Above Your Crawl Space Cupping or Warping

If the floors of your first floor look warped or are starting to cup, it may be because of to shop out his quote, she had a second flooring contractor out to the house as well. It may be a good idea to also run a dehumidifier in the crawl space for 【Get Price】

Pier and Beam or Block and Base Foundation Repair Dawson

Then concrete blocks are placed on top of the concrete pads. This house has a brick exterior and rests upon a pier and beam foundation. The most common warning sign of a pier & beam foundation problem is usually a floor problem.【Get Price】

Raised Wood Floors - APA – The Engineered Wood Association

American homes have been built on raised wood floor systems since Colonial times, Examples include raised wood floor, off-grade floor, pier-and-beam walls sheathed with structural plywood or OSB panels on top of a continuous footing.【Get Price】

Old pier and beam - LVP vs laminate?? The Floor Pro Community

Jul 17, 2014 We are remodeling and putting an addition on our 50+ yr-old house in Level the floor with leveling compound and float the plank over top.【Get Price】

Leveling floors with piers and beams: Lessons learned

I have a 1910 home and none of the floors are level. The house is supported with piers and beams that have seen better days. The floor joists 【Get Price】

What Lies Beneath The Rubble (And Why I'm Thankful For A Rotting

Jan 28, 2015 There are the floor joists, with the subfloor on top of the floor joists. So anyway, on a pier and beam house, you have the piers sitting on the 【Get Price】

The Pros and Cons of Pier and Beam Foundations Perma-Pier

May 6, 2015 In fact, back before slab technology was refined, most homes were it could require having to break open the concrete floor to get at any damaged pipes. However, to determine the best solution requires professionals who 【Get Price】

The Best Type of Flooring Choice for a Shifting Foundation Hunker

These changes cause the concrete floor to heave, resulting in an uneven and changing surface. The best floor types for shifting foundations are those with 【Get Price】

Flooring Question (shutter, laminate, hardwood floors, countertop

However, the house sits on piers, and there is a bit of movement and We don't want to put down hardwood floors, as the entire rest of the house has of the piers - he said that the quality of the construction was very good, 【Get Price】

Kitchen tile on pier & beam - Home Improvement Stack Exchange

I have a pier-and-beam house, and the instructions are pretty much correct. Floor joists often aren't on 12- or 16-inch centers, so they allow too much This is a lot better than to discover later that you need to shim your 【Get Price】

Raised Wood Floor Foundations: Site Prep & Footings - YouTube

Apr 2, 2012 Explains proper site preparation, footings and a grade beam for a pier-and-beam foundation system. A treated pony wall, piling and 【Get Price】

Can a cottage built on a concrete piers ever be as warm in Canada

Jan 5, 2013 I've designed homes in the SW US Mountains with floors over concrete piers, That is build the house on piers but incorporate a small insulated core made of The second-best point is that you won't have to be doing a lot of 【Get Price】