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Pedestal Support System 2017 by Bauder Ltd - Who-Sells-it

Aug 18, 2017 bauder support system high quality adjustable pedestals for all types of support system is a range of lightweight durable paving and decking support mm slabs dph-1 28 mm the most common use for the units is to support 【Get Price】

Modulock Paving Supports, Decking Supports Harmer Paving

Harmer Modulock is a fully engineered raised pedestal system for supporting paving slabs, timber or plywood sheet decking at varying heights from the 【Get Price】

Pedestal Support System Green Roof Product - Bauder

Details & specifications of the Pedestal Support System for Green Roofs. Adjustable pedestals for terraces a& decking areas. Download the Product Datasheet.【Get Price】

Caro Pedestal Adjustable Pedestals for Paving & Decking Paving

Caro Pedestal Paving & Decking Support System Instant access to replace damaged slabs or decking or to be able to inspect services without damaging the 【Get Price】

Pedestal supported decking or paving - Bauder

The pedestal supported decking or paving is ideal for those looking to minimise the height of a roof paving system. Find out about the key features here.【Get Price】

Bauder Pedestal Support System Information PDF Download

BAUDER SUPPORT SYSTEM durable paving and decking support units. Slabs. The most common use for the units is to support concrete and stone paving 【Get Price】

Hard Surfaced Landscaped Rooftops - Bauder

Pedestal support decking and paving. Adjustable pedestals for all types of terraces and decking areas. Lightweight and cost effective solution when seeking to 【Get Price】

Paving and Decking Supports Adjustable Pedestals| Caro Support

Having manufactured and supplied the Caro Support since 1985, Carosystems Caro Pedestal, a Paving and Decking support system that further extends the Caro range. Services, drainage, conduits – all hidden under slabs and decking.【Get Price】