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Deciding on the right flooring option for your sunroom can be difficult, In addition to being low-maintenance and durable, it's one of the cheaper flooring options Three season rooms generally aren't insulated, so choose flooring that will 【Get Price】

Insulation for Porch Floor - Forum - Bob Vila

Dec 10, 2004 I want to insulate a porch and make it into a year round room - have just installed really good Its a cheap way to get your floor even warmer.【Get Price】

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Mar 15, 2011 Common places where your house may be losing heat—such as the walls, roof, and attic floor—are good targets for insulation. Illustrations: 【Get Price】

What is the best way to insulate a porch floor? - GreenBuildingAdvisor

Dec 22, 2016 We have a porch that we wish to enclose to make a 4 season room. We are in Zone 5. The porch is above an unheated portion of the basement 【Get Price】

Building the Yurt Platform #2: Insulation & Flooring That Yurt

Jun 30, 2016 The first step was insulating the floor of the yurt. Tyvek, too, is not cheap, so we got creative. After the hours of yurt-floor-laying and yurt-porch-building (note the lowering afternoon sun in the timelapse above), all that was 【Get Price】

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Increased energy efficiency - To increase the energy efficiency of your home, insulate all exterior walls and floors that separate conditioned spaces from 【Get Price】

Insulating Floors Over a Crawl Space Today's Homeowner

Insulating the floor over a crawl space can reduce heating costs, particularly in colder climates, but it doesn't provide as big a return on investment as insulating 【Get Price】

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We just had a 3 season room built in place of our deck. Our contractor originally said he'd add some lattice work between the bottom of the 【Get Price】

Where to Insulate in a Home Department of Energy

In unfinished attic spaces, insulate between and over the floor joists to seal off living spaces below. If the air distribution is in the attic space, then consider 【Get Price】

Insulating a Floor Over an Unheated Space - YouTube

Aug 1, 2012 Do-it-yourself video on how to insulate the exposed floor over an unheated area using Roxul ComfortBatt R28 Canada) or R30 (USA) and 【Get Price】

Insulating a Sunroom Floor Professional Deck Builder Decks

An insulated floor can make that sunroom more livable. Read more > · Read More on Porches & Balconies from PROFESSIONAL DECK BUILDER 【Get Price】

Several Ways To Warm Up A Cold Concrete Floor - tribunedigital

Sep 26, 2010 A: Cold concrete floors are a rather common problem, and there are Panels of foam insulation are then glued to the perimeter of the footings and the slab. I wouldn't consider any of the really inexpensive systems, some of 【Get Price】

How to Insulate a Sunroom or 3 Season Porch Homeclick

Adding insulation to a sunroom or porch can extend the usage of the space far Hanging thicker curtains and putting down floor rugs are another way to keep 【Get Price】

Crawl Space Insulation: What You Should Know HGTV

Without insulation, heat and cool air are easily lost through the floor. Insulation also helps to preserve the air quality and reduce energy costs. There are two 【Get Price】

How to Insulate a Concrete Slab Floor - HomeTips

Jun 19, 2017 Is your basement or garage exceptionally chilly? An uninsulated concrete floor may be a large part of the problem. Insulating a concrete floor 【Get Price】

I have a screened in porch and the floor is cement but it sweats

Or warm the slab / insulate it which is also hard. Being a screened porch this structure should be somewhat water resistant by its design so having a wet floor 【Get Price】

2018 Insulation Cost Guide - Calculate Home Insulation Costs

Spray foam insulation seals leaks and gaps inside existing walls and is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to fix a 【Get Price】

How to Insulate a Porch Floor to Make a Sunroom Hunker

When you convert a porch into a sunroom, you'll get the most usage from the new room if you've taken steps to insulate properly, and a good place to start is the 【Get Price】

Proper Approach to Insulation Under Add-On Porch

Nov 24, 2012 My first thought was foil faced rigid foam board with the foil to the floor side and then use canned foam to seal. I realize there would be thermal 【Get Price】

How to Make a Four Season Room from a Porch ? DIY Projects

Convert an Existing Porch into Space that can be Used Year Round. Install anchor bolts into the concrete so that the plate can be bolted tightly to the floor. You may also want to place a thin piece of foam insulation between the concrete pad 【Get Price】