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In addition to providing studio and project leadership he is the Middle East Client Leader and is also a committee member of the Middle East Council for Offices (MECO), an external group dedicated to improving the quality of office developments in the region.【Get Price】

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Our goal is simple: to be your best choice for a complete cladding solution provider in the Middle East, GCC and North Africa. CLADME’s sandwich panels are suited for specialized roofing requirements that require fire rated systems. It is used for internal/external walls and ceilings. It can also be used for load bearing floors.【Get Price】

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External interlocking corners throughout the series Dimensionally stable panels with straight edges that weigh 6kg each and are easy to install Endless design possibilities to create personal and unique features such as walls, fireplaces, external building cladding, entrances and welcome desks【Get Price】

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Other options could have been poured or prefabricated concrete, large sheets of stone or other conventional options, but the result would have been an exterior cladding looking the same as many others, without the noteworthy character we wanted. Simon Langlois, DuPont Building Innovations business development manager for Europe, Middle East 【Get Price】

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Analysis Spreading the word on new Dubai fire codes for cladding. Speakers and attendees at this year’s Middle East Facades Summit all had a similar message when it came to the recent moves 【Get Price】

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The Stonini Concrete Effects range of cladding and panelling offers a light-weight alternative to concrete that aesthetically achieves today’s well sought after raw, industrial look. Suitable for interior and exterior use, Concrete Effects wall panelling creates an authentic appearance and texture without having to fuss with the logistical 【Get Price】


The shuttle's external tank features two separate propellant tanks separated by a ribbed "intertank" section where the forward end of the ship's two solid-fuel boosters are attached.【Get Price】

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He was deployed to the Middle East and Africa for three years and massacred hundreds of soldiers and combative before the program was recalled due to complications in funding.【Get Price】

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kapy Graf: external cladding different colored Bmlams ready for use immediately and take advantage of robust Alaankak.imkn applied to concrete surfaces and smooth concrete and oyster, wood, iron Kabhi Stone【Get Price】


Fibrex are proud of their history of being the first GRC manufacturer in the Middle East. GRC is one of the most versatile and innovative construction materials available today and is ideally suited to the needs of high rise buildings and housing sector and in particular that areas associated with system buildings. As a cladding material 【Get Price】

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By Silver2467 December 28 something similar to how Dark Horse’s Star Wars comics have a more concrete chronology and sense of story relevance as opposed to Marvel’s Star Wars series from 【Get Price】

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A stunning blonde similar in appearance to Carol, Karla was suited in a variation of Carol's original red-and-blue Kree-oriented costume and became the version of Ms. Marvel that was exposed to 【Get Price】

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FIXINOX lintels and brackets anchors are used to support the masonry in double wall or external thermal insulation buildings. It can be used for various cladding materials: bricks, masonry blocks, rubble stone and even precast concrete panels.【Get Price】