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Anisotropic materials, naturally and man-made, are used in multiple areas of study. Some examples are Magnetic anisotropy in which the magnetic field is oriented in a preferred direction, anisotropic heat conduction that is dependent on the geometry and or【Get Price】

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6.3 Anisotropic Elasticity There are many materials which, although well modelled using the linear elastic model, are not nearly isotropic. Examples are wood, composite materials and many biological It is difficult to model fully anisotropic materials due to the great number of elastic【Get Price】

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Examples from the Web for anisotropic Historical Examples Both are adapted for determining the axes of elasticity and for the differentiation of isotropic and anisotropic bodies.【Get Price】

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The main difference between isotropic and anisotropic is that the properties of isotropic materials are the same in all directions, whereas in anisotropic materials, the properties are direction dependent. All crystals except cubic crystals, wood, and composite materials are examples of anisotropic materials. 【Get Price】

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Anisotropic means that the material's properties are different in different directions. Examples include monodirectional and bi-directional fiber reinforced composites. Orthotropic is somewhere in between (I think, it refers to the three orthogonal axes X, Y and Z).【Get Price】

Anisotropic materials possess directionally dependent properties. Common For example, the matrix component C45 would be equivalent to 4x C2331 . The Ci matrix contains 36 terms, but due to the symmetry only 21 are independent; and because【Get Price】

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In material science and solid mechanics, orthotropic materials have material properties that differ along three mutually-orthogonal twofold axes of rotational symmetry.They are a subset of anisotropic materials, because their properties change when measured from different directions.. A familiar example of an orthotropic material is wood.In wood, one can define three mutually perpendicular 【Get Price】

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Glass and metals are examples of isotropic materials. anisotropic material's properties such as Young's Modulus, change with direction along the object. Wood is a naturally anisotropic (but often simplified to be transversely isotropic) material.【Get Price】

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Anisotropy, in Material Science, is a material's directional dependence of a physical property. Most materials exhibit anisotropic behavior. An example would be the dependence of Young's modulus on the direction of load. [5]【Get Price】